We’ve posted so many pics and shared so much about our travels in the past couple of years, and I repeatedly get asked to share our itineraries and tips. This is meant to be the fulfillment of those requests and more…a diary for us to look back on and treasure. I remember my cousin Curtis — who always inspired me with his world travels as a backpacker — would keep detailed notes from his journeys on tiny scraps of paper that he would later transcribe into journals. His stories could hold you spellbound for hours and make you believe that…

Authors: Jessica Ridlen, Jacquelyn Paykel, Eric Magaziner and Bradley Hicks

Which of the people in the images below are most likely to be enrolled in a graduate program at a top tier business school? Your answer probably reflects what Warren Buffett calls, “the ovarian lottery”. It’s an analogy that paints the picture that when we are born, we are given a hypothetical lottery ticket that will decide where in the world we will be born, to which parents, income level, level of access to education and healthcare, and more. This premise says that the poor in developing countries aren’t less…

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers, teachers, and cashiers

Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here

You’re face to face with a virus and you’re scared

Changing each minute how you feel

It was predictable!

Well, you know, it’s sad that we were unprepared.

Open your eyes, let’s begin

Yes, it’s really here, coronavirus — don’t breathe it in!

I know it’s a lot: you’re bored, nowhere to go!

When you’re just not really used to hearing “no”.

Healthcare workers, just say “you’re welcome”

For the days and the nights you give

Here at home we’ll stay, and…

This Is My Message to You

Many people around the world remember where they were during the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. It was like a lightning bolt striking out of a clear blue sky, and it feels like nothing has been the same since. Conversely, COVID-19 crept in like a dense fog; we can’t look back and pinpoint the exact moment we heard about “coronavirus”. But like 9/11, it appears that this pandemic will change everything. There are many cultural, economic, and operational lessons to be learned that may help us process current events and better prepare for the future.

Jessica Ridlen

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